Lipscomb Summer Celebration 2017

Mark and Becky invited the class to attend Lipscomb’s Summer Celebration in Nashville.

Those who had the opportunity to accept the invitation were blessed by the sharing of our faith with brothers and sisters from the Nashville Church of Christ community and Lipscomb University.
We made our mark in Nashville.

Lipscomb will host again in 2018. YOU should consider making plans! Here’s the reasons:

Scott Sagar (and his wife’s most amazing cookies) welcome you with open arms!!! (see photo for proof!)

There is great teaching and powerful reading of the scripture!

Great music. (There was beautiful acapella singing but we have no pictures! Just the songs that are still in our heart.)

And time for theological discussions. 

We broke bread together.

Heartfelt thanks to the following:

Randy and Rhonda Lowry, Scott Sager, Jeff Fincher


Mark and Becky Lanier