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Title Presentation Date Speaker Handouts Slides Audio Video Full Lesson Synopsis
1229 DLC2.0-Devotionals from the Life of Christ 06/17/2018 W. Mark Lanier Mark continued with Part 2 of Devotionals from the Life of Jesus in today's lesson: How Jesus Reveals God. Jesus is the reflection of God and brings God into focus for all people. A Christian's daily goal is "to see God more clearly, love Him more dearly, and follow Him more nearly.” This week’s focus is from Matthew 5 and how Jesus shows us God through the Sermon on the Mount. Listen to Mark teach more about Jesus revealing God throughout the New Testament: the God of comfort, righteousness, attentiveness, fulfillment, motive-searching, and listening.     0
1228 DLC1.0-Devotionals from the Life of Christ 06/10/2018 W. Mark Lanier

Mark shared Devotions from the life of Jesus with an emphasis on how Jesus shows us God the Father in the New Testament, a reciprocal of the Old Testament Scripture that points to Jesus. Mark read from John 5:39: You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness about me. John 12:44 also reveals God through Jesus. Some of the devotions focused on the Beatitudes from Matthew 5. Listen to Mark offer insights for living a godly life by seeking God through the study of and praying thru His Word.

1231 DLC3.0-Devotionals from the Life of Christ 07/01/2018 W. Mark Lanier

Mark continues Devotionals from the Life of Christ series. This week Mark focuses on Jesus as a teacher. He began with "Don't get it Backwards" based on John 13:13-14. Jesus is Lord and teacher, not teacher then Lord.

Devotional 2 is from Matthew 22:15-18 "Don't Fake Flatter God!" Mark teaches additional devotions that show us to listen and learn from Jesus as recorded in Mark 12:28-32, Luke 7:40, and Matthew 10:35.

1234 DLC4.0-Devotionals from the Life of Christ 07/22/2018 W. Mark Lanier

Mark continues with Part 4 of Devotionals fromcthe Life of Christ. Mark discusses the message of "truth as it appears in the gospels; specifically in the Book of John, where it appears twenty-five times. Truth, originally in the Hebrew, means "faithfulness", and as it was translated into the Greek it became "truth", also meaning "upright or "not false".

We see that Jesus is the faithfulness, the promise God kept, which was introduced first in the Law with Moses. While the law is how we relate to God, God shows his grace and truth to us through Jesus Christ. Listen as Mark examines several passages in John where Jesus discusses truth.

1236 DLC5.0-Devotionals from the Life of Christ 08/12/2018 Mark Lanier This week Mark continues with Part 5 of Devotionals from the Life of Christ in the Book of John. In John 1:4-5, we're told that in Christ there is life, and that life is a light for all mankind. Listen as Mark discusses that the natural structure of light is to shine, and overcome darkness. When we have darkness in box or a closed room, it can't stay that way once it encounters light. We are encouraged to seek His light more than anything in the world.   0
1238 DLC6.0-Devotionals from the Life of Christ 08/19/2018 Mark Lanier Mark continues Devotionals from the Life of Christ using the Sermon on the Mount as a roadmap for living. Mark showed various stops based on the Scripture from Matthew 6. The first stop focuses on Jesus’ teachings about the Head and Heart, specifically the problem of the wandering heart. Where our heart is lies our treasure. The next stop on the road map was Jesus’ warning about what we see and the importance we place there. Mark’s next stop was Worry, and the dangers of not trusting God. The final stop was Persecution. Listen to Mark relay the incredible persecutions going on today against those who are believers 0
1240 DLC7.0-Devotionals from the Life of Christ 08/26/2018 Mark Lanier Mark continues Devotions from the Life of Jesus #7. Today’s lesson placed us on the prayer road, specifically what Jesus said about prayer. The first passage was from Mark 1:35 Mark points out that Jesus spoke on His own authority. In a second devotion, we learn how Jesus modeled quiet time with the Father. After a busy day, Jesus rose early and went to a desolate place to pray. In Luke 7:40, we find three layers of discovery: Jesus engages us, the backstory, and faith's road.  Mark moved on to focusing on God in prayer and not ourselves.  Listen to Mark add depth to the Scriptures while pointing out the important signs along the prayer road with Jesus. 1
1242 DLC8.0-Devotionals from the Life of Christ 09/09/2018 W. Mark Lanier

In Part 8 of the Devotionals in the Life of Christ series, Mark examines the phrase, "Jesus is Lord".  As Christians the idea of Jesus being Lord is one of the earliest sayings of the Church.  Join Mark as he takes a closer look at the vocabulary being used so as to better understand certain bible passages and the concepts behind them.

1244 DLC9.0-Devotionals from the Life of Christ 09/23/2018 Mark Lanier 0
1245 DLC10.0-Devotionals from the Life of Christ 09/30/2018 Mark Lanier Mark continued with #10 of Devotions from the Life of Jesus. Today’s lesson focused on the sometimes confusing "say-what” sayings from Jesus; those sayings that deal with us in various circumstances. 1. When we are off track: Mark 12:26-27. When we aren’t authentic: Matthew 12:33-34. When we should stop complaining: Matthew 11:16-19. And when Jesus was humorous: Matthew 16:24, Matthew 21:31, Luke 8:44-45, Matthew 7:3-5. Matthew 9:15-17, Matthew 19:24, and Matthew 23:23-24. Listen to Mark explain the Greek translation of Jesus' sayings to better understand the context of His words and make godly commitments.  0
1246 DLC11.0-Devotionals from the Life of Christ 10/07/2018 Mark Lanier 0
1247 DLC12.0-Devotionals from the Life of Christ 10/14/2018 Mark Lanier Mark continued with his series: Devotionals from the Life of Jesus #12. This week focused on the sayings of Jesus from Revelation, as spoken to John on the Island of Patmos. The first topic is what Jesus had to say about fear in Revelation 1:17-19. What do you fear? Jesus is fighting for us and to help us overcome our fears. The second topic dealt with: Who is Jesus? Revelation 22:13 tells us Jesus is the great I Am, the Alpha and the Omega. The third topic dealt with the believer’s heart: Revelation 2:4 suggests the believer can slip into doing good works and abandon the most important characteristic: love of God. Listen to Mark passionately teach what Jesus said about fear, who He is, and the heart of serving God.       0
1252 DLC14.0-Devotionals from the Life of Christ 11/11/2018 Mark Lanier

Devotions from the life of Jesus #14. Mark continued with his series showing how Jesus dealt with the interruptions or detours of life. Matthew 19:10 shows us that Jesus had time for children, the future of His kingdom. The disciples’ problem was not seeing an opportunity to practice Jesus' teachings. Luke 10:25 shows us who is our neighbor when life happenings disrupt our day, energies, money, and faith. Jesus said your neighbor is anyone in need. Matthew 9 is about needy people and how we can help them by having compassion. Matthew 12:9-15 deals with troublemakers, specifically those who opposed Jesus doing God’s work on the Sabbath. Real life isn't a straight road. Listen to Mark show us how Jesus’ instructions help us follow Him in obedience.

1251 DLC13.0-Devotionals from the Life of Christ 11/04/2018 Mark Lanier

Mark continued Devotionals from the Life of Jesus #13 with a focus on Jesus teaching about the Holy Spirit. Jesus spoke of the Holy Spirit in one setting in John 14-16. Mark also looks at passages both before and after those teachings to see how Jesus' teaching of the Holy Spirit occurred.

1253 DLC15.0-Devotionals from the Life of Christ 11/18/2018 Mark Lanier

Mark taught #15 in the series: Devotions from the Life of Jesus. Today’s devotions are themed around what Jesus said about worship. Mark explained the word “worship” comes from the Anglo-Saxon words meaning to “ascribe worth.” He expanded on these facets of worship: 1) Gratitude: Luke 17:11-19 teaches us that gratitude to God is worship and praise. 2) God-centered: Matthew 2:1-8 shows us true worship is centered on God. False worship is self-interested. 3) God-only: Matthew 4: 9-10 shows us our goal is to become like Jesus. True worship is God only. 4) Obedience: Matthew 7:6-7 teaches us that worship is obedience to God. 5) Reality: Revelation 5:11-14 emphasizes worship is rooted in the truth of who God is and what He's done. Listen to Mark detail and enlighten Scripture.

1254 DLC16.0-Devotionals from the Life of Christ 11/25/2018 Mark Lanier Mark continued the series, Devotions from the Life of Jesus #16 with a focus on Jesus’s interaction with women. Much of the misinterpretation of how Jesus and other New Testament writers considered women is due to cultural barriers of ancient times vs. today. Jesus came to make a difference for all men and women. In Luke 10:38-42, we read about Mary and Martha. Jesus gave women a place in the classroom of biblical teachings. God’s word was not for men only. John 11:21-27 shows Martha understood Jesus' teachings. Matthew 21:14-16 raises the status of children, another cultural difference then vs. now. John 19:25-27 speaks about honoring our parents and those in our care. Luke 21:1-4 tells us about the widow’s sacrifice. Listen to Mark explain how Jesus honored women, and how we are to desire God’s substance in our lives.   0
1255 DLC17.0-Devotionals from the Life of Christ 12/02/2018 Mark Lanier 0