Get Involved!

  • Advertising/Publicity – Produce weekly newsletter, ‘Cross-Talk’. Design and produce publicity for class events. Contact Sandie Shiver
  • Audio and Lighting – Set-up and operate all equipment for sound and lighting during class. Contact Diana Laney
  • Fellowship Groups – A small group ministry open to everyone with the purpose to connect with others and build friendships. Sign up using the Fellowship Group form in the new member packet, visit the information table, or email Amy Christopher 
  • Drama – Perform sketches during class to highlight special events and activities. Contact Melna Moriarty
  • Finance Committee – Collect all money for events and projects,oversee disbursement of funds for approved class events and projects, and manage class checking account. Members are selected by the class leadership team.
  • Greeters – This ministry is involved in welcoming members and guests each Sunday and following up with guests through phone, email, and postal mail. Contact Rebecca Roberts
  • Hospitality – Coordinate receiving and set-up for donuts and coffee before class. Contact Erin Applegate
  • In-Reach – Provide meals, transportation, and related services for those who have encountered the challenges of a serious illness or surgery. Contact Carole Stanley
  • Internet Ministry – All website updating, lesson archival, getting the lessons published and available in various formats each week, Contact Janet Siefert
  • Lessons – Print/pick up lesson handouts each Saturday and take them to the class area to be ready to give out Sunday morning. Contact Mark Christmas.
  • Missions/Outreach – Encourage class member participation in local, area-wide, and international missions and outreach-related activities to bless others, evidence our faith and deepen friendships within the class. Contact Max and Bev Bowman
  • PrayerPoints – Writers develop a short, weekly devotional, combined with prayer requests for class events, the Leadership Team, and class members. Class members sign up to receive the emails. Contact Jennifer Applegate
  • Set-Up – Coordinate weekly seating needs with church staff; set up Information Stations, hospitality tables, and speaker backdrop. Contact Ken Thompson
  • Socials – Plan and implement social events that will meet the needs and interests of the entire class. Melna Moriarty, Susie Brooke and Fran Poe
  • Ushers – Provide a friendly face and warm welcome in the aisles while helping people find open seats, and hand out Guest Packets for our guests. Contact Carolyn Gibbens
  • Video – Responsible for running the Video Control Room and the cameras during class. No technical expertise required. Contact Bill Hebel
  • Women – Plan and implement events that will meet the needs and interests of the women in our class. Contact Lorraine Hibbert

5 thoughts on “Get Involved!”

  1. I am a member of the Lanier Bible Literacy class at 11 am. I would like to be placed on the mailing list.

  2. Hello,

    All I want to know is how to get to Old Testament Survey – Abridged, Lesson One. I can’t find a phone number to call you so you could walk me through where my computer screen is to the place I want it to be at, Lesson 1 of the Abridged OT Survey.

    Thank you.

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