Ramping-up Ministry

PRAYER continues to be our focus as we continue to pray for all things (Philippians 4:6).

Prayer Requests:

  • Mark Lanier -He is everywhere with “everybody”; we would do well to spend time praying for Mark because it will reap huge spiritual dividends!  Plus, pray for this week’s evangelistic lesson on Paul!  Bring your friends!!!!
  • Class Leadership -We are ramping up ministry ourselves as we seek God in leading our class in ministry.
  • CFBC -Growing and spreading throughout North Houston. Pray as we make an impact for Christ.
  • Your influence -As you are equipped, make a difference in your community/world/mission!
  • YOU! -Let’s pray for one another.  There are so many needs, hurts, praises. It is our privilege to pray for you!

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