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Title Presentation Date Speaker Handouts Slides Audio Video Full Lesson Synopsis
1157 L003-The Old Testament Leads To Jesus- Abraham Part 1 10/15/2017 Mark Lanier Mark continued with his series The Long and Winding Road, Part 3 with the message of the Messiah throughout the Old Testament. Mark explained how the Old Testament is organized. The first 5 books are the Law or the Torah. Genesis, which means beginning or origin, gives us the setup for the next four books. This session focused on the link between Abraham and Jesus. Listen to Mark teach about how Jesus identified with Abraham when speaking to the Jews. Learn what Jesus meant in John 8:31 and other spiritual insights about Jesus’ mission to the world from the beginning. 1
1161 L005-The Old Testament Leads to Jesus - Jacob 10/29/2017 Mark Lanier The long and winding road. Finding Jesus in the Old Testament Mark began the lesson with a reminder that we were called to a relationship with God; we were disobedient, and God had a solution. The solution is the offspring of woman in the lineage of Old Testament people. This week’s lesson focused on Jacob, a prophetic symbol of the life of Jesus. Jacob is the younger twin of Isaac and Rebekah. Though his name means heel or deceptive, God chose him to be the lineage of Jesus. Listen to Mark discuss Jacob’s life and the lessons he needed to learn before his name was changed is Israel. The insight to this lesson is a blessing to all listeners. 2
1164 L006-The Old Testament Leads to Jesus - Moses Part 1 11/05/2017 Mark Lanier The Long and Winding Road continues with Part 1 of Moses and the Exodus. Moses outweighs all Old Testament persons as a leader. He is accredited to writing the first 5 books of the Bible (Torah). Genesis sets up that all mankind is in bondage to sin, while Exodus is physical freedom from Egypt, a symbol of spiritual freedom through Jesus as Moses declared in (Deut.18:15). Moses was a leader; a liberator of the Israelites; the law giver, and he had personal encounters with God. Listen to Mark teach about Jacob’s life after God changed his name to Israel. 3
1169 L007-The Old Testament Leads to Jesus - Moses Part 2 11/26/2017 W. Mark Lanier Mark continues the series: The Long and Winding Road - Moses and the Exodus Part 2 by showing the importance of reading the entire Bible to understand Jesus was the plan from the beginning. God laid down tracks, prophecies, and stories that point to Jesus. Moses never solved the problems set in Egypt. God provided all Moses needed, as He does today when He calls us to His purpose. Jesus fulfills the Exodus. He is the living water and the bread of life. 3
1153 L001-The Old Testament Leads To Jesus- The Setting 10/01/2017 Mark Lanier Mark starts the new series "The Long and Winding Road - The Old Testament leads to Jesus" with a lesson titled 'The Setting". 0
1155 L002-The Old Testament Leads To Jesus- Floods: Judgment and Salvation 10/08/2017 Mark Lanier 0
1159 L004-The Old Testament Leads to Jesus- Abraham Part 2 10/22/2017 Mark Lanier Mark continued with the 4th lesson in the Long and Winding Road series. In completing Abraham Part 2, Mark points us to John 8:56 when Jesus said to the Jews. "...before Abraham was, I am”.  In explanation of how Abraham saw Jesus, Genesis 18:1 offers the theology when God appears to Abraham in a possible Trinitarian form. Mark continues by showing how Abraham also saw Jesus in the future of redeeming man when God stopped him from sacrificing Isaac (Genesis 22). Listen to Mark offer insight into the analogy of the crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus in Abraham’s story. "Take your son, your only son whom you love" echoed in John 3:16. 0
1175 L009 The Old Testament Leads To Jesus - The Christmas Edition 12/17/2017 W. Mark Lanier 5
1172 L008-The Old Testament Leads to Jesus - Moses Part 3 12/03/2017 W. Mark Lanier 4