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Title Presentation Date Speaker Handouts Slides Audio Video Full Lesson Synopsis
1187 Colossians - Week 1 01/28/2018 Mark W. Lanier Mark begins a new series “Colossians” with an introduction anthropological perspective of the Colossians. Describing the lifestyle and the cultural issues leading up to the “occasion” letter addressing heresy. Serious bouts of false teachings threaten the Colossians church. Mark dives deeper giving us a detail perspective of Paul’s “occasion” letter to the Colossians. Paul’s letter is about correcting the false teaching circulating the Colossians.  After Mark gives us insight into the issues the Colossians were facing he points out how Paul admonishing the Colossians with love. 0
1193 Colossians - Week 2 02/04/2018 Mark W. Lanier Mark continued with session 2 in the church-wide Multiply study of Colossians. Todays focus was Colossians 1:15-29. How should we study an epistle? Mark teaches four steps:  1. Read the entire epistle in one setting. 2. Make notes of ideas, issues or questions that come to mind. 3. Go back and study in sections. 4. Apply to life.  Listen for additional tips to dig’ deeper in your study.  As an example, Mark went thru the process for a section in Colossians 1:15-23 and focused on study of image/representation/icon with multiple references to visible & invisible as well as dissecting the use of the term firstborn or prototokos in Greek concluding if we want to see God, see Jesus - the all sufficient Christ!  0
1195 Colossians - Week 3 02/11/2018 Mark W. Lanier Mark continues with church-wide focus on a study of Colossians and asks three questions: 1) What satisfies your heart and mind? 2) Where do you source joy? 3) Where do you find life’s answers? The Apostle Paul desires the people to know that God redeemed all those who believed in the saving power of Jesus and the cross. Hear Mark share how falsehoods handcuff us and rob our joy. That we must look only to Jesus Christ who sets us free and how we can strengthen our relationship with Jesus…and watch the effects multiply!    0