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ID Name Language Synopsis Sort Order
ID Name Language Synopsis Sort Order
23 Paul, a Legal Case Study [Current Series] English Mark began a new series about the Apostle Paul as if he were asked to represent Paul in a court of law. As a lawyer, Mark approaches the subject of Paul based on his own legal experience. 1
10 Special Events English 2
20 Why I'm Not... English 3
19 Life Group Greek English 4
18 Church History English 5
17 La Biblia en Contexto Espanol

Click ESTUDIO: La Biblia En Contexto

16 The Context Bible English 7
15 Estudio del Nuevo Testamento Espanol 8
14 New Testament Survey English 9
13 Your God Is Still Too Small English 10
12 Sondeo del Antiguo Testamento Espanol Click ESTUDIO: Más Profundo. Antiguo Testamento 11
21 Old Testament Survey Abridged English The available versions of the Old Testament Survey Abridged documents correspond to the original lesson material of the Old Testament Survey. The abridged  versions give an outline of the class agenda and emphasize the biblical application of the lesson to daily life. 12
11 Old Testament Survey English 13
9 New Testament Biblical Literacy English 14
8 Old Testament Biblical Literacy English 15
7 Introduccion A La Historia De La Iglesia Espanol Click ESTUDIO: Historia de la Iglesia 16
6 Church History Literacy English 17
5 Pablo: Su Teología Espanol 18
4 Paul: His Theology English 19
3 Pablo: Su Vida Y Enseñanzas Espanol 20
2 Paul: His Life And Teachings English 21
1 The Great Commission English 22