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If you live in the Houston area and want to be a part of the class, come on! We have a Welcome packet with your name on it! Join us in the Family Life Center at the Cypress Creek Campus of Champion Forest Baptist Church located at 15555 Stuebner-Airline Road, Houston TX 77069. Class begins at 10:55am.

We will show you how to get involved.

If you don’t live close enough to come in person, join us through the internet! Watch class every Sunday morning at 10:55am, live, with others who seek to know him better around the world.


7 thoughts on “Join Us”

  1. I came upon this reading plan through an email ministry of Edward Fudge. I was so excited about this contextual experimental reading of the Bible that I got it going with the group I am with in Louisiana. after handing our the january calendar, I listened to Mark Lanier’s introduction and learned that the calendar for the year is not finished yet.Not only am I praying that it gets finished but that I will be able to access it for our daily readings. I am aware that this is a dynamic process but only found lesson one in English and Spanish but not for the next week. will they be on line? thank you so much

  2. I have been unable to access the February schedule. Could you please tell me how I might easily access it?

  3. Mr.Mark had been highly spoken of by my nephew Alton who attends his biblical literacy classes,so i went an really felt at home and really enjoyed how Mark broken The Word down in a basic form an in more detail where i could really comprehend it. i definabley plan on going back…

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