Biblical Literacy – Jersey Village

Welcome !

Biblical Literacy @ Jersey Village is an extension of Biblical Literacy @ Champions.

We are happy to have you join us!

Classes are held in Building A at 9:30am on Sunday

Taught by Mark Lanier, by video (and when possible, in person!)

Mark's new series, "Spring Cleaning". 

Are you ready to start back up??? I am calling our next series, "Spring Cleaning!" We have a few things we need to clean up in class.

  •We never finished our series on Jesus in the Old Testament ("The Long and Winding Road"). We need to get that cleaned up!!! We had a few books left in our New Testament Survey from over a year ago. It's time to get that cleaned up!!!

  •We have a few Old Testament devotionals that I wrote the last few days of March from passages that are worthy of our consideration.Clean up time!!!

So, come this Sunday, let's start our Spring Cleaning! We will put the finishing touches on our series of Torah Devotionals. Then we will follow-up the next week with our breakfast/brunch time. After that, we will move into the Jesus in the Old Testament clean up.

See you Sunday!

~Mark Lanier

Welcome Message From Mark

Hello Jersey Village!  We are honored and excited to have a chance to share God’s word with you beginning this Sunday!  This new series delves deeply into Old Testament stories and passages that show Jesus.  Our goal is to teach seminary level material in everyday language to edify those attending and draw hearts to God in faith.  These are great classes to bring visitors regardless of where they are on the faith walk.  Hopefully, I will be able to teach classes live at times as well.  So please, come on out!  It will be great to meet you and have time in the Word!

Biblical Literacy Coordinator

Brent Johnson is the coordinator and CFBC Staff Liaison for Biblical Literacy as well as the Associate Pastor to Senior Adults & Special Curriculum. He coordinates all of the communication between the two Biblical Literacy campuses including emails from Mark, prayer requests, and general announcements. Brent coordinates all of the technical media and audio needs of the two classes. He also pastors and leads the leadership of the Biblical Literacy class. Brent is known to sing a tune or two. To request prayer,  please email Brent at

JV Class Coordinator

Wendy Doucet is the Jersey Village Class Coordinator. She and her husband Edward have been attending Biblical Literacy class at the Champions campus for about 3 years and she volunteers with the class internet ministry team. She has a special heart for the Jersey Village campus. "The people at Jersey Village have a genuine love for God and are committed to endure and persevere in God's commands. How could I have any other response except to serve them and love them because they are my faithful brothers and sisters in Christ." Wendy stepped up to help make sure that while we are a class at two locations, we are one body of believers, and her goal is to help facilitate the bridge that links the two campuses. She also loves to dig in the dirt (she is a wonderful gardener).  

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